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Who we are, our philosophy

The former Weyerstraß Telecommunication Consulting GmbH called today Weyerstrass Technical Consulting AB, abbreviated as "WeyTeCon" was founded in May 2003 as a German limited company and consulting firm. The firm has become active in the telecommunications industry from August 2003. An infrastructure change at the main site in July 2009 caused a complete reorganization and has led to a refoundation into a Swedish corporation company (Aktiebolaget / AB). The company is now operating successfully for more than 10 years in the IT and telecommunications industry.

You will find first information concerning the corporate goals and visions of the management and of the employees of the first hour in the following sections. We will as well introduce our cooperation partners. References and reference customers of the company are finally listed on these pages.

We hope that this presentation will lead to a contact with WeyTeCon AB. Beginning with this contact we are interested to develop a creative and long-term cooperation with you, your company, our future clients, existing customers, partners and other interested parties. We ensure that WeyTeCon's management and staff are available to give you more information if requested. With particular interest we will also recognize your critical comments, because this is the easiest way to respond quickly on market trends and demands for our customers with their projects, problems and tasks.

Social policy of the company

The WeyTeCon does not consider itself as a company of the so-called "new economy". The company is mainly associated to "conservative" values.

The company works profit oriented with the aim to remain established in the market and to grow. Therefore it is also an aim to provide a safe workplace for the WeyTeCon employees. It should not remain unmentioned that a job at WeyTeCon always can be located "somewhere"  in Europe and Asia and therefore the employees needs a certain demand in flexibility. The employees will receive social benefits corresponding to the economic situation of the company.

In the present time a company like WeyTeCon cannot survive without the involvement and commitment of employees.


WeyTeCon AB consider itself as a professional service provider. A quick response to market requirements and the implementation of customer projects in time is as well our satisfaction as the satisfaction of our customers and has the highest priority. To accomplish this goal means to put high standards on the professional and social skills of our employees. The same applies to our partners in terms of their expertise and experience as well as their references.

Within the framework of mandated and related projects WeyTeCon trusts usually on the professional qualifications and experience of its employees to ensure the confidence of the customers and the successful implementation of customer projects. We rely on employees with corresponding years of professional experience and promote their collaboration with young employees and professionals who are able to regard on the ability of our successful and experienced employees.

Technical expertise and core competencies

Our company is characterized by professionalism, technical and professional competence in the IT & Telecommunications sector and the technical acoustics as well as the experience of WeyTeCon employees.

This also applies to the Board and the CEO. With a German university degree comparable to the Master of Engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) in communications engineering and technical acoustics, he can point to a more than 22-years of successful work in the IT and Telecommunication-industry. His career were companies such as Alcatel (now Alcatel-Lucent), Arcor (now Vodafone), COLT Telecom and the fixed network clearing house NEXNET (today mr.nexnet).

The IT / Telecommunication employees working in WeyTeCon have studied either computer science, mathematics or electrical engineering or own an accordance longstanding practical experience.

Sustainable Development

The WeyTeCon AB and its employees will be in consideration of the aspects of sustainable development. It is one of the companies goal that the environment is not plundered at the expense of future generations. The stuff is responsible for a careful and foresight usage of raw materials.

The principles of an economical and environmentally friendly management with raw materials are applicable also for all other fields of the firm’s activity such as the choice of work equipment in their own environment or in services and final the selection of the transport.

Management board

The company is represented by Mr. Lars Weyerstraß as CEO (verkställande direktör / vd).

After studying electrical engineering focused on technical acoustics and  

communication technology at the Ruhr-University Bochum / Germany Mr. Weyerstraß is today able to have knowledge in most all key areas of the telecommunications industry.

After three years in the development of the system house Alcatel [today Alcatel-Lucent] (Stuttgart/Germany), he spent five years at Arcor [now Vodafone] and has moved then to COLT Telecom.
From summer of 2000 Mr. Weyerstraß joined the Clearinghouse NEXNET
[today MR.nexnet] and took over the responsibility on structuring the product management department and later the management of the product development
and committee work department for nearly five years.
His professional career has been: CAE project engineer, systems specialist for connection protocols, Systems Engineer, Product Manager and Head of Product Development and Committee Work, Managing Director. He was responsible for extensive customer and in-house projects such as the DB AG telephone billing solution, the echo cancellation introduction (Arcor) and the DZP (Germany-wide central database for local number portability at NEXNET).

Mr. Weyerstraß took over the following tasks for his respective employer

  • Duties as Rapporteur in the international standardization of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI NA2 / SPS1)
  • Head of the national working party on Billing (UAK B) and the national working party on accounting-information about network borders (UAK AOC'99);
  • Tasks of the working group for technical and operational issues for numbering and interconnection (AKNN).
  • Representatives for his employer and his today's customers in the national working party on Signaling (UAK S) of the AKNN
He has influenced the deregulated telecommunications market with his contributions in the national working groups on: Carrier Selection (UAK CS), Signaling (UAK S) and Local & Long Distance Operator change (UAK TNB / VNB-Change). As a representative of NEXNET he joined the Association of the German Internet Industry (eco). In 2013 Mr. Weyerstraß was awarded with the silver badge of honor of the VDE.

The projects that has been developed under his responsibility or have become supervised by Mr. Weyerstraß and WeyTeCon include among others, just to name a few:

  • a Germany-wide central porting database for geographical numbers (DZP)
  • a concept for the central registration office and process for value-added services (ZAST900 / ANED900) in the so-called "PIN method",
  • Billing Solution Processes including system supplier selection,
  • Migration of the network of DB-Kom to the network of Arcor in billing issues and processes,
  • Settlement of the railway Directory Announcement Services 11861 and T-VPN for the German Telekom from third party networks,
  • value-added services in the 0900 numbering scheme,
  • Subsequent single connection overview (NEVÜ)
  • Billing and collection solution and Billing Outsourcing for MSN and
  • Billing of services that do not belong to the telecommunications sector
  • Introduction of AoC'99 (Accounting Information on Displays on other networks)
  • Introduction of new protocols (SIP, Diameter) and network technologies in NGN and IMS
  • Introduction of a Diameter Billing solutions within the network of Director Assistant Service with Ericsson AVP and project specific AVP
  • IMS final network acceptance tests of SIP, ISUP (CCS7 gateways) and Diameter together with the NGN launch
  • NGN network redesigns in local operator area networks for voice and data services / performance of a SWOT analysis for the redesing solutions
  • Definition of IMS error-handling routines and QoS (with QoS AVP definitions) / CoS together with a RACS introduction proposal
Mrs. Jianmin Shao represents the company as the second Executive Board (styrelsesuppleant). She is responsible for WeyTeCon's finances as CFO. Mrs. Shao has studied financial management at the Shanghai TV University.

Then she was employed at SHANGHAI TYRE & RUBBER CO. LTD. - Shanghai / China including four years in Human Resources. Subsequently Mrs. Shao worked for three years as an assistant manager at the German-Chinese Culture Center in Berlin / Germany before she became managing director of the Fengsheng GmbH / Berlin. Before she joined the Board of WeyTeCon AB she was together with Mr. Weyerstraß Managing Director of WeyTeCon GmbH in Penzlin and Berlin.

Staff and project partners

Based on requirements and actual project situations WeyTeCon cooperates with freelancers and its own employees. During projects freelancers becomes fully integrated into the own team to fulfill the project and customer requirements.