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Corporate Objectives

The company goals of WeyTeCon AB are consulting and product development for companies within the telecommunication market and IT. The consultancy and product development services, as well as the training, are focused, among others, on traffic switching, switching technology and routing for voice and video. A special company focus is on charging, billing and accounting.

Of course, services in network planning for transport and signalling networks (signalling: VoIP or PSTN) and additional technical network management in the traditional sense as well as for data-networks are offered. WeyTeCon also offers appropriate training for interested companies. The courses are conceived specifically for long distance carriers and local operators, but also designed for those interested in ISP and VoIP who want to learn more about "the other side of the network world", with regard to those planning interconnection of NGN / VoIP to PSTN.

Associated disciplines such as echo cancellation but also transitions into broadband networks (IP networks), packet switching, etc. are of course included. Also we see the continuing conversion, between the PSTN and IP networks, of voice transmission by secured transmission paths with the methods / protocols (ISDN, CCS7, SDH) into the data world with data packet transmission (IP, TCP / IP, UDP), right up to VoIP, NGN and IMS.
WeyTeCon has experienced new challenges here with respect to transmission, signalling and billing. The company can look back on many successful projects in both types of networks. In addition, WeyTeCon offers very successful training for VoIP / NGN / IMS, Fax over IP (FoIP) and triple-play (IPTV, CDN, etc.), where network integration is also an important factor. In recent years training in IMS with the corresponding protocols SIP, RTP, RTCP, NTP, PTP(v2), RADIUS and Diameter have become a focal point for our customers. Quality control (QoS / CoS) for IP integration will continue to take on greater importance.Details can be found under "References". If you are interested, we can send a short brochure in advance.

The company also offers consulting on regulatory issues and procedures within the telecommunications industry, as long as no legal authorization is required.

The consulting on billing/accounting services and systems will remain a strong point, so WeyTeCon will continue expanding its contacts to those who are developing the corresponding systems.

In addition to consulting on NGN/IMSPSTN, WeyTeCon is also the right address for questions on technical acoustics.

Overview of WeyTeCon's Services and Products

WeyTeCon AB is mainly active in the technical market segments of technical acoustics and communication engineering. Basic services are technical consulting and training, and with the affiliates WeyTraCon AB & Co. KG / Berlin, Germany and WeyTraCon Ltd / Hong Kong trading in IT and telecommunications products.
Since April 2009 we have had a marketing partnership with Addix GmbH / Kiel, Germany, enabling us to distribute their products.

Technical Acoustics:

Consulting on physical and psycho-acoustics, among others:

  • Building acoustics, acoustic insulation / attenuation etc.
  • medical device technology

IT / Telecom:

Here our IT/Telecom services at a glance:

  • Training:
    • VoIP / NGN / IMS training (Protocols SIP / H.323, RTP, RTCP, Gateway-Protocols, QoS, CoS, ...)
    • Local -Number-Portability method (German market): Training on the current Local-Number-Portability procedures and Delta Training
    • Accounting procedure in the PSTN and NGN, voice and data services (RADIUS, Diameter, ...)
    • ISDN Basics and product training
    • CCS7 training (training for the Signaling System No. 7)
  • Database support as a service:
    • Master Destination List (MDL) for Least Cost Routing (LCR)
    • Caller ID blocking-DB (machine readable) / German market
    • Porting IDs DB (machine readable) / German market
  • Consulting services:
    • Project management or project management support
    • Product development support and product design
    • technical studies for fixed networks and NGNs (services and network services)
    • Preparation of technical concepts and studies
    • Preparation of tender documents for technical products and projects as well as performing tenders
    • technical consulting to system integration in NGN / IMS environment
    • sales support
    • strategic support
    • regulatory consulting (in the German telecommunications market only and within the defined frame where it is possible without any necessary permission)
    • Preparation of expert reports in cooperation with publicly appointed and sworn experts (for the German IT / Telecommunications market)
  • Sales:
    Astimax PBXs and related accessories such as extension devices (phone, DECT devices, etc.) can be purchased through WeyTeCon. The offer is directed to commercial customers only.
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Training courses and seminars at WeyTeCon

As well as offering courses and seminars with us in Sweden, undisturbed by day to day business, we can of course come to you, or to a location of your choice. We can even do your training on a cruise ship!

The following tried and tested training units are available direct from WeyTeCon:

  • Training / Seminar CCS7 (Signaling System No. 7)
  • Training / Seminar ISDN / DSS1 (The subscriber & device protocol DSS1)
  • Training / Seminar Local-Number-Portability method (V.13 / 14) in Germany, Type: PSTN, NGN training
  • Training / Seminar Charging / Accounting in the PSTN and NGN with RADIUS or Diameter
  • Training / Seminar Introduction of the NGN / VoIP, Type: NGN training
  • Seminar to introduce the accounting with RADIUS
  • Introductory training in the SIP with practice exercises to voice and video, e.g. SIP tracing with Wireshark, voice clients etc.
  • Introduction of IMS ("From VoIP (NGI) over the NGN to IMS")
  • Introduction of the protocol and the procedures of Diameter
  • Legal framework of the PSTN and NGN in Germany, the German Telecommunications Act and other laws in the telecommunications environment and its Regulations
We will be glad to provide further information, if required. Our training courses have, to a great extent, originated from customer feedback, and so are well suited to making the material quickly accessible.

For expert level training, it is of course a pre-requisite to have the basic knowledge, as taught in those courses.